mercredi 4 mars 2015

"Qu'est-ce qu'ils sont beaux ces métis !"

un objet de beauté. Parce qu'ils ne sont pas "vraiment noirs"? Pas "vraiment blancs?"

Ceux qui admirent le "métissage" savent-ils ce que cela signifie?

Métis, ça veut dire bâtard, mélangé. C'est juste une manière qui paraît plus symphatique de le dire. Les racistes qui ne s'ignorent pas passent directement à la catégorie péjorative.

Nous sommes tous des mélanges, parce que nous sommes tous le produits de la reproduction sexuée de nos parents.

Mais le terme métis fait référence au mélange de "races".

Les métis, selon cette grille de lecture, seraient "beaux". Tous ? Ah bon ?

Et les métis vieux, alors ? Non, eux, ils sont "noirs".

Et les métis trisomique ? J'en connais un, il n'est pas très beau, mais il est super sympa. Et il a de l'humour et il ne vaut mieux pas qu'il te choisisse comme cible, parce qu'il te dira tes quatre vérités.

Et les métis foncés? Ben eux ils sont jamais métis. Ils sont directement "noirs".

Et les métis clairs ? Alors là, c'est dur, on les tire de tous les côtés, on essaye de les mettre ici, là et dans les deux à la fois. Et on veut tous décider à leur place de CE qu'ils sont. Et du coup on oublie qu'ils sont QUELQU'UN avant d'être quelque chose.

Et les métis pas beaux ? (chacun ses goûts, il y a des gens qu'on trouve "beaux" ou "pas beaux", c'est très subjectif, la beauté). Ils y a des gens qui ont des parents d'origine différentes qui ne sont PAS beau.

Half-white Half-black

What happens in people's heads when they state such things as "so and so is half-black and half-white"?

To me, that's grey.

But of course, they don't mean that.

I wonder what kinds of images travel in their heads?

It's like this idea that people are "between" two cultures.

As if things were that binary.

Sometimes, they even use percentages ! 25% this, 25% that, and 50% the rest.

Nature doesn't work this way. Neither does Culture.

You would think that our societies, which make sure our children "learn science", and learn to think scientifically, would produce more reasonable and intelligent analysis of WHO we are...

C'est du passé tout ça ! (et... "Non à la repentance")

Il paraît qu'on a déjà réglé son compte au racisme.

Il paraît qu'il n'est plus nécessaire d'en parler, que tout a déjà été fait, que tout le monde sait ce que c'est.

Apparemment, en cours d'Histoire, il y a plus d'un paragraphe sur la théorie de la race et ses conséquences.

Il paraît qu'insister pour en parler, serait moralement inacceptable, un appel à la repentance.

Alors, de deux choses l'une, soit on ne vit pas dans le même monde, soit nous sommes entourés d'hypocrites doublés d'ignorants.

C'est sûr que ça doit être difficile de se regarder en face. Surtout quand on se croit "blanc".

"S'il y a du racisme, c'est la faute de ..."

... "ceux qui en parlent."
... "ceux qui viennent chez nous."
... "ceux qui ne veulent pas s'assimiler" (qui ne veulent pas "être comme nous")
... "ceux qui accusent toujours "les blancs" d'être racistes".

Ou, comment accuser les victimes de racisme ou ceux qui le combattent de l'avoir créé.

Ou de le créer.

Ou de le re-créer.

Pourtant les racistes savent bien qu'ils sont racistes, non ? Apparemment non.

The usefulness of whiteness and the paradox of blackness

Those who think of themselves and others who look like them as "white" get upset when they are told that they are not white. 

They are indeed aware of the usefulness of the concept they use to define themselves. Losing it means losing a form of power.

The proponents of whiteness get very upset when a person who "should" behave as "white" chooses not to do so *. They know it is a danger posed to the artificial unity of the "white race". 

In many cases, they are not even aware of any concept behind the word. They were taught to think of it as "skin color", which it is not. It is absolutely not the expression of nature but rather of ideology and culture. 

As the societies they live in have taught them to believe that "whiteness" is natural, it is extremely destabilizing for them to be reminded or told that "white" is a racist notion. (It is just as destabilizing to learn that Christopher Columbus was an invader and a slaver).

"Whiteness" is a belief that holds societies together, that would otherwise explode due to their extreme social violence. In the US, the epitome of such societies, violence is expressed through the hypocritical reference to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution to justify the "right" to own and use a gun. 

In France, where things are usually expressed in a more subtle way, it is the reference to the Enlighment ("Les Lumières", literally, "the Lights") that keeps the French united behind another type of hypocrisy. Most French people actually believe in the superiority of their "mode of thinking" and their "right" to impose "Human Rights" (les Droits de l'Homme) which the Enlighment unilaterally designed as "universal". 

"Blackness", as a mirroring concept to whiteness, appears in societies where "whiteness" is the dominant ideology. The concept of blackness thus is a tool that dark-skinned people (mostly Africans and descendants of Africans, but also others) find themselves having to use to counteract the ideology of whiteness and its expressions in the system of white supremacy. 

Blackness is no more natural than whiteness is. But as long as whiteness is enforced as a coercitive concept, blackness will exist as a concept that forces itself on people who are the first targets and victims of white supremacy. 

It appears as a uniting conceptual tool, but is still paradoxically imposed by the opposite concept of whiteness. It may appear as a concept people choose, but there is no choice in being designed or labelling oneself as "black". It actually means that white supremacy manages to impose even the concepts its victims use to defend themselves. 

The vicious circle of racial thinking proves to be extremely powerful. Unless people decide that they are going to get rid off it altogether (refrain from using its words), they will remain stuck in a type of thinking that reinforces racism instead of destroying it. This is valid for people labeled as "whites" as well as "black" (and more rarely as "yellow" or "red"). One cannot be "anti-racist" if one defines oneself with the words of "race".

* one example of such a person in French society is Pr Louis Sala-Molins, who has written several books pertaining to the racist laws that were based on the theory of race. A French historian, Alain-Gérard Slama, said this about Pr Sala-Molins: "with a stupefying ignorance Sala-Molins accuses the western, white species he belongs to". As Pr Sala-Molins comments: "All is clear".

Race thinking and gun owning: two symptoms of the same disease

They don't want to abandon it.

their gun
their race

They think it's useful.

They think it's freedom.

They couldn't be further from reality.

Guns have never helped anyone stay alive. They are meant to kill and to bring their makers money. They were and are a perfect genocidal weapon during the Frontier era and now in the inner cities of the US. The dark-skinned and poor populations use them against themselves. It's massive scale suicide under the guise of freedom.

Race has never helped societies get better. It was meant to separate and kill the humanity in us. It was meant first to make money through its enforcement in slave laws like the Black Codes (Le Code Noir in France), among others. The belief in race perpetuates racism because it is what fuels it...